The Morning Walk

I walk. It keeps me sane. Lately, dare I say it, I’ve tried mindfulness. It’s then when the words come. Poems, ideas, edits and of course I’m not carrying a pen.

Spring Wisteria

delicate blooms

drape downwards

in the shaded garden

on naked limbs

On the path something black wriggled, clearly alive, clearly lost. My mind searches for a name. Rummaging …


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Lorna’s Wisdom 2

I checked the weather and my phone told me it would rain later. The quiet start to the day got revved up a bit but Iavoided conflict and went with the flow.

I could have screamed. Taking a shower, I put on my tracksuit and went out into the cold morning. Usually the cold air helped. I could still my mind but my emotions ran rampant with adrenaline rushing through my veins atop of caffeine. crossing the Great Ocean Road, I stuck my nose into the gale force wind coming off the Southern Ocean.

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