Puppy Sitting: Time to Think


This morning I sat down with one of those bitty lists, the kind that grow out of being away. I arrived back home, here down south to Narnia yesterday afternoon.  It was cold.

I’d left my warm second home, my daughter, her partner and my grand-pup. The dog knew something was going on when I lugged the case onto the bed and unpacked to repack it. His big brown eyes nearly made me cry. Pets can really give you a guilt trip.


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A Place of Peace

Everyone has a place of peace. It is somewhere we go when the outside world intrudes and takes over our inner world. The intrusive, disruptive and persistent nature of this unwelcome visitor, rattles us. Stress makes us forgetful, unreliable and short tempered. It is not a place to dwell.

The very real need for time out creeps up on us ever so slowly. Our introspection tells us something is amiss but we fight the reality tooth and nail focussing on the many tasks which keep us chasing our tails. The emotions are frayed but the mind wants action. An egotist without bounds it convinces us of the need to push it through to the end.


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