Discovering Plot Options

It’s been a great week. After sharing my inspiration with my fellow writers, I discovered more Swiss Cheese holes in my knowledge. Disappointment laid aside (‘d confused them), I began to investigate plot structure:

  • Linear A<B>C>D, predictable, can be suited to a memoir
    • Non-linear D>A>B>C or C>A>B>D, used in movies and TV
      • Collage, bits everywhere tied together with a common theme. That’s it:’What is it about?’
        • There are more, many more limited only by ones skill and imagination.


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Structure and Fun

Last week INS


ED me. Finishing ‘The House of Leaves,’ I experienced first hand the quirkiness of this non-linear plot. The book had an added dimension, a visual element.


In the middle of the ‘O’ we imagined and followed the characters lives as they traipsed through the chaos that constituted their reality. The bold black confines of the ‘O’ held us fast but our reality enticed us beyond it.


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