Lorna’s Wisdom 2

I checked the weather and my phone told me it would rain later. The quiet start to the day got revved up a bit but Iavoided conflict and went with the flow.

I could have screamed. Taking a shower, I put on my tracksuit and went out into the cold morning. Usually the cold air helped. I could still my mind but my emotions ran rampant with adrenaline rushing through my veins atop of caffeine. crossing the Great Ocean Road, I stuck my nose into the gale force wind coming off the Southern Ocean.

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A Place of Peace

Everyone has a place of peace. It is somewhere we go when the outside world intrudes and takes over our inner world. The intrusive, disruptive and persistent nature of this unwelcome visitor, rattles us. Stress makes us forgetful, unreliable and short tempered. It is not a place to dwell.

The very real need for time out creeps up on us ever so slowly. Our introspection tells us something is amiss but we fight the reality tooth and nail focussing on the many tasks which keep us chasing our tails. The emotions are frayed but the mind wants action. An egotist without bounds it convinces us of the need to push it through to the end.


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