The End: lessons learned

I’ve been writing a lot lately driven by an undeniable urge to finish my second manuscript. Writing a memoir is personal, mental health one even more so. A choice exists what to divulge and what to withhold. It’s weird, say too much and be vulnerable, say too little and appear bland.

For me it was anorexia.

We form attachments to our writing projects. Born through us, the umbilical cord twangs. But we have to let them go. We have to trust and accept help. Last time, I didn’t ask for help: a big mistake. So I’m sharing some simple lessons  learned with anyone who is finishing a manuscript.

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Antagonising Antagonist

The antagonist, the adversary of the hero is giving me grief. And so it should, as I am the protagonist in my memoir. A vicious circle, the chicken or the egg or the egg or the chicken has me chasing my literary tail.


                                               Adolescence                     Acceptance

                                  Marginalisation                                             Prejudice

                                                   Fashion                              Beauty



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Why so many revisions? This question is crucial, honing the craft. My latest novel, 24″ Waste, prompted me to write this piece. Yesterday, I finally got some clarity. Inspired by re-reading my  recent classes notes, I strove for direction.

Here is a common scenario

  • You’ve got a story
  • Some characters
  • A journey, process or transformation
  • A message
  • Even a manuscript with a healthy word count

Of course, you have written killer first chapters that keep the reader begging for more.


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