Research and Writing

Anorexia and storytelling? Anorexia and metaphors? Anorexia and darkness?

Whilst writing about my experience with anorexia, I came across an article titled, ‘Listening in the dark: why we need stories of people living with severe and enduring anorexia nervosa’. It immediately grabbed my attention . Conti et al explored metaphors and recovery in an article published on 15/12/2016 in the Journal of Eating Disorders.

darkness and light

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Eating the Elephant: Book Plan

Question: ‘How do you eat an elephant?’

Answer: ‘One bite at a time.’

New projects can be like this. Huge, Grey and Shadowy,

the illusion of being in a mist. Mulling around in that confused head space is


I am embarking on a new project, that leap into the unknown that I alluded to in last week’s blog. A new book. A new challenge. Methodical by nature, I find structure keeps me on track. Shamelessly, I admit that I like lists. They provide a point of reference and also reinforce achievement.


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Discovering Plot Options

It’s been a great week. After sharing my inspiration with my fellow writers, I discovered more Swiss Cheese holes in my knowledge. Disappointment laid aside (‘d confused them), I began to investigate plot structure:

  • Linear A<B>C>D, predictable, can be suited to a memoir
    • Non-linear D>A>B>C or C>A>B>D, used in movies and TV
      • Collage, bits everywhere tied together with a common theme. That’s it:’What is it about?’
        • There are more, many more limited only by ones skill and imagination.


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Playing with Words

{Playing. Please note: this is an experiment. Worse still an experiement on a Monday morning.}

Back from holidays,






The book looms (the anorexic wog fumbling through adolescence), ideas still swirling around in the realm of possibility. I seek inspiration, answers, solutions for the stubborn glitches that thwart me. Me sharing me. How much to give?

The high school reunion…

Green, grey , white… the old war cry emanating from parched lips…yearning for youth…





                        of memories…

The past simmered like plum jam on the stove, rapid vaporous bubbles, rising from the scum, pushing their way through into the present, uninvited, pushy incomplete memories…

Best submerged.

I watched ‘Iris,’ on Netflix. Iris Apfel, a woman following her dreams, being authentic, finding the things she loved, sharing them with the world, colour, texture, patterns. Outrageous and brilliant. Authentic.

Create a collage of experiences with words:

  • powerful and passionate
  • varied and layered
  • intuitive and real
  • courageous and quirky


                                                                                       In bed

                                                                      alone                        a book


The inter-library loan arrived, SMS on the mobile, it’s here, the book I’d read about, non-linear plot, visual engagement beyond accepted formatting…





Loving ‘The Book of Leaves,’ written by Mark Z. Danielewski.

Acknowledgement (Mark Z. Danilewski): “This is not for you.”

Influenced by this fantastic book; I played.

α >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ω