Stroke and Schicksal

The blurred a patch of the windscreen persisted even I moved my head. Silently I cursed the health centre car; why didn’t they clean the windows properly? I sat in a comfortable parlour with an old fashioned mantlepiece clock, 10:15, doing a home visit.

Assessment done, Issues discussed, began to write up the home exercise program. I derailed. My speech garbled and I lost the ability to write words. I looked at the clock,relieved that I could still read the time, 11:05.


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Monday Morning

I woke early; the cuckoo clock told me it was half past something. Coddled in the warmth of my bed, I wondered half past what. The night outside black and windy gave no clue.

I wondered would I go back to sleep or hear the clock chime the upcoming hour?

My wondering grew, engaging me in the senseless thought that lies between awake and asleep.


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