NYE and Promises

31.12.2017! Really? Another year is nearly over, but in my mind I’m still somewhere in mid-December. I’ve moved from a family which enjoyed New Year into one which doesn’t really give a hoot. New Year is about turning the page, about new beginning and promises. It’s a mixed blessing with its crowds, booze and terrorist potential.


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The Gift of Time

Everyone’s busy. Grim faced people stream past me on the street. Many are typing or scrolling on their phones. An old lady approaches, dressed up for an outing, a day in town. ‘Beautiful day isn’t it?’ her gravelly voice washes past me. She’s still walking having learned that no one has time to stop.

I think of the VCE students who walked through the school gate for the last time yesterday. The relief and uncertainty, a balm and a wound shoulder them. It’s now or never … exams, results, courses, dreams … I remember.


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The Aftermath

On Friday, our lovely city was rocked by a random act of violence. My thoughts go out to those involved, those who have lost loved ones and those who in the course of their duty serve our community.

It is Monday.

For many, a difficult week lies ahead. As citizens, we find the media reports buffeting us, social media imploring us and our own emotions ensnaring us.Many feel a sense of helplessness wanting to help but unsure how to. Can we do more? If so, how?


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Undoubtedly the ruling by the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage has changed the world.

A wave of colour abounds. On Facebook supporters of marriage equality apply the rainbow filter to their profile pictures. Many people are participating. Normally I get up early with a coffee in one hand and phone in the other; I check my social media to see what is happening in the world.

A profile picture of a friend had a rainbow filter, which I liked, still blissfully unaware. Twitter informed me of the legalization of gay marriage in all US States. I reread it and the report seemed legitimate. Tuning into ABC News Radio, I heard President Obama speak. Yes, it was true.

gay flag

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