The Aftermath

On Friday, our lovely city was rocked by a random act of violence. My thoughts go out to those involved, those who have lost loved ones and those who in the course of their duty serve our community.

It is Monday.

For many, a difficult week lies ahead. As citizens, we find the media reports buffeting us, social media imploring us and our own emotions ensnaring us.Many feel a sense of helplessness wanting to help but unsure how to. Can we do more? If so, how?


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What’s Wrong With You?

This is the third post on the topic of adult orphans. Stepping into another’s shoes, I thought I would follow the lead from our writer’s group and write in second person, ‘you.’ Feeling the pain and isolation of losing one’s last relative, I wondered what it might look and feel like to a partner or friend, watching me going through this life changing experience. So here goes……..

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