The Moreton Bay Fig

Nature inspires me. I thought of my daughter and her determination to see the Fig Trees yesterday. I love her for that, her spontaneity and love of nature’s gifts. A Queenslander to the core, I wrote about these iconic trees: a metaphor.

The Moreton Bay Fig

before we are conceived

there is potential

leaves an infinite array on a great tree

leaves MBF (3)

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My hard work is paying off.  I feel the throb of optimism. Writing has brought me face to face with my insecurities, lost, a voice lost among the many others also hoping to be read. In my old world, people paid for my advice. This poem is a frivolous look what writing has taught me so far.If you love cheese, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the metaphor.


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On the Road

We recently travelled north from Melbourne to Brisbane, a journey that unearthed memories from over thirty years ago. My parents, long gone, undertook this journey to visit us. This piece is a collage of my impressions on the road.

Up the Newell

Up early after a scrappy sleep,

Our bags are packed, Christmas gifts safely stored.

New Years Day:

Eerily-empty roads stretch out in front of us.

The Newell Highway, the inland route.


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Starting Over

Sending you the strength to sail the uncharted waters of your dreams in 2017. May the waters calm when you need rest, surge through impotence and carry you forever forward. May our goals continue to blossom, revealing themselves at the perfect time.




colour flashing across the sky

all eyes looking up

the past forgotten

mindful moments of joy

involuntary gasps of affirmation

light dancing

unabashed and free

raining down, spiralling up

I stand in the arms of my love

and for this moment

we begin again 


A Moment of Insight

My computer DiEd. I tried to breathe life into it,

asystole ________________________

‘Let’s get you a new computer. How long have you had that thing anyway?’ Inwardly groaning, I jumped into the car. A new challenge loomed, setting up a new computer… passwords… resetting passwords…moving files… Arghhh………………………………………..


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Structure and Fun

Last week INS


ED me. Finishing ‘The House of Leaves,’ I experienced first hand the quirkiness of this non-linear plot. The book had an added dimension, a visual element.


In the middle of the ‘O’ we imagined and followed the characters lives as they traipsed through the chaos that constituted their reality. The bold black confines of the ‘O’ held us fast but our reality enticed us beyond it.


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Playing with Words

{Playing. Please note: this is an experiment. Worse still an experiement on a Monday morning.}

Back from holidays,






The book looms (the anorexic wog fumbling through adolescence), ideas still swirling around in the realm of possibility. I seek inspiration, answers, solutions for the stubborn glitches that thwart me. Me sharing me. How much to give?

The high school reunion…

Green, grey , white… the old war cry emanating from parched lips…yearning for youth…





                        of memories…

The past simmered like plum jam on the stove, rapid vaporous bubbles, rising from the scum, pushing their way through into the present, uninvited, pushy incomplete memories…

Best submerged.

I watched ‘Iris,’ on Netflix. Iris Apfel, a woman following her dreams, being authentic, finding the things she loved, sharing them with the world, colour, texture, patterns. Outrageous and brilliant. Authentic.

Create a collage of experiences with words:

  • powerful and passionate
  • varied and layered
  • intuitive and real
  • courageous and quirky


                                                                                       In bed

                                                                      alone                        a book


The inter-library loan arrived, SMS on the mobile, it’s here, the book I’d read about, non-linear plot, visual engagement beyond accepted formatting…





Loving ‘The Book of Leaves,’ written by Mark Z. Danielewski.

Acknowledgement (Mark Z. Danilewski): “This is not for you.”

Influenced by this fantastic book; I played.

α >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ω


I haven’t posted a recipe in ages. The other day I saw a Feijoa tree remembering the first time that I came across them. My sister-in-law had a bucket of them from her mother’s tree. I loved the enchanting smell and couldn’t wait to try them.

My family didn’t like them much, more to do with the slightly gritty texture than taste. No one wanted them, so I took them home. not even consulting a recipe book I concocted my recipe for jam. It was a huge success.

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My Next Adventure, Clunes

When I finished writing ‘Schicksal’, I rather naively thought that I had accomplished a great deal. Balboa Press the self publishing wing of Hay house helped me to understand that publicity and marketing were my next area of growth.

My parent’s memoir continues to enrich my life. Already I have embraced so many new experiences. I have learnt about social media, blogging, and book launches. Librarians have been very supportive and helpful. My public speaking confidence is growing daily.

I like talking to people about my book.


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