An Extraordinary Monday Night

vigil definition: an act of staying awake, especially at night, in order to be with a person who is very ill or dying, or to make a protest, or to pray                 Cambridge Dictionary

18/06/2018, 5.30 -7.30 p.m. Reclaim Princess Park, that’s what came up in my Facebook feed. Introduction to Oncology for Physiotherapists and Exercise Professionals, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 18/06/2018, 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. My PD landed me right in the neighbourhood.

I wanted to pay my respects to Eurydice Dixon.

Siphoned along by the ever-increasing throng of people who knew where to go, I found my way to Princess Park. The grass underfoot yielded and cold seeped through the soles of my boots. Melbourne winter, just shy of the solstice, freezing of course. Silently a crowd gathered.

It was amazing as you can see from Kate Carey Peters’ footage.

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Undoubtedly the ruling by the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage has changed the world.

A wave of colour abounds. On Facebook supporters of marriage equality apply the rainbow filter to their profile pictures. Many people are participating. Normally I get up early with a coffee in one hand and phone in the other; I check my social media to see what is happening in the world.

A profile picture of a friend had a rainbow filter, which I liked, still blissfully unaware. Twitter informed me of the legalization of gay marriage in all US States. I reread it and the report seemed legitimate. Tuning into ABC News Radio, I heard President Obama speak. Yes, it was true.

gay flag

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