Autumn Musings

Usually I love the autumn, a reprieve from the brazen heat of the summer. This year it came rapidly and the leaves turned within days. A succession of windy days shook left the tree trunks bare, outlined against the blue skies.

The world is tinged with a touch of sadness and unreasonable foreboding plays with my normally cheery predisposition. I am reworking my second manuscript. Words flow onto the page and lap off it.

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Undoubtedly the ruling by the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage has changed the world.

A wave of colour abounds. On Facebook supporters of marriage equality apply the rainbow filter to their profile pictures. Many people are participating. Normally I get up early with a coffee in one hand and phone in the other; I check my social media to see what is happening in the world.

A profile picture of a friend had a rainbow filter, which I liked, still blissfully unaware. Twitter informed me of the legalization of gay marriage in all US States. I reread it and the report seemed legitimate. Tuning into ABC News Radio, I heard President Obama speak. Yes, it was true.

gay flag

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Red Anyone?

The eye catching qualities of the colour red need no touting. Red seems to be diametrically opposed, on one hand associated with energy, action, strength and determination on the other intense emotions such as passion, drive, love and desire.

How do you feel about the colour red? Do you have any red items of clothing, accents in your home or red lipstick? My best friend heard a radio interview about the power of red lipstick. I seemed that red lipstick increased one’s esteem and sense of personal power. Looking at each other we decided to try it out.

Image result for creative commons images red lips

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