Reflections on the Weekend

When I booked my place at the  Clunes Booktown Festival, a pocket full of dreams came with me. Crossing uncharted waters, I ventured into the unknown hoping to sell the left over hard copies of Schicksal, my first novel.

Schicksal Clunes


I felt a sense of foreboding mixed with excitement. This strange mix of emotions often dawns when a breakthrough is in the wind. The déjà vu unsettled me but I try to stay calm, philosophical and above all open.

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Autumn Musings

Usually I love the autumn, a reprieve from the brazen heat of the summer. This year it came rapidly and the leaves turned within days. A succession of windy days shook left the tree trunks bare, outlined against the blue skies.

The world is tinged with a touch of sadness and unreasonable foreboding plays with my normally cheery predisposition. I am reworking my second manuscript. Words flow onto the page and lap off it.

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I’ve been chugging through the past couple of weeks, flat and low. A trip up to Bendigo, to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibition seemed just the thing. The summer temperatures ebbed away and the shade felt cool, pregnant with the coldness of the winter to come.

Autumn leaves along the way boasted their impending demise, bold in the face of death. Maybe they were screaming and I couldn’t hear them.


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The Crone

When I hear the word crone, connotations of an wizened, wrinkly, old lady fill my imagination. Where did this perception come from? Surely a lifetime of conditioning has filtered through into my consciousness forming this idea leading me to pose the question; is it correct?

images (8)

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