Christmas, Why so sad?

Christmas challenges many, for all kinds of reasons. December arrived and with it our ICU welcomed suicide attempts, ODs and road trauma. It began with the tinsel, early December. Already the stores heralded Christmas consumerism.

Among the decorations, fake snow and up beat carols, shoppers milled and mulled looking for the perfect gift. Some faces shone with the sheer pleasure of it while others fondled the array of offerings in a distracted way. Obligation.

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Lorna’s Wisdom, A Silent Gift

As writers we use words, to create images, feelings, and experiences in the consciousness of our readers. It is largely a silent pursuit. We don’t really talk our books although we may read sections at times.

Gathering information, observing and finding inspiration too arise in solitude; the writer, tea and the computer. This is the third part of a series of posts, titled, “Lorna’s Wisdom.” Luckily Lorna walked down the road into my life again just a few days ago.


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Adult Orphan, Why?

Last time,I shared with you the impact of becoming an adult orphan hoping that any one reading my post would gain a deeper understanding of this situation. It drove me to write Schicksal. I feel that everything in our lives comes to us for a reason, like the seasons experiences wash in and out.

Each of us has a life and a purpose in that life. Most people are drawn to their purpose by an interest in a field. It might be sharing knowledge by teaching, upholding the law within the judicial system, caring for the sick  via nursing etc. Most of the time the process is unconscious, we just go there.

That age old rhetorical question refuses to go away. Why I am here?

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