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The Second Book, 24″ Waste

Merima loves to observe people and situations. Before her first Book Schicksal was published she felt the urge to write. It began gently but the final call to action came as a bit of a shock. She wasn’t ready.

One morning whilst on the computer writing Schicksal she felt a tug; something drove her to create some folders in my documents. She created four, the future homes of her writing career. The first one is now completed with the publication of Schicksal.

The second titled 24″Waste is now in its second draft. Yes, the second folder now also bulges with content. The third remains untitled but the idea, the sequel to Schicksal waits, sleeping under a blanket of fresh snow, to be firstly researched then written. A few out of sequence snippets housed in the void.

They wait for a voice.

The fourth is a labor of love, a dedication to the many women who undergo domestic violence. The main character is there, just waiting to take the hand of those lost in hopeless oppression. She is a torch bearer, igniting hope and sustaining courage.


Layers of Reality

Writing has touched my life in a way I could never have expected.

It has given me the opportunity to explore my roots and my core values. The trauma of becoming an adult orphan set me off, on this path. The completion of my parents’memoir put the ground back under my feet.

I recognised the value of my foundations. Now I stood firm.

The other books will undoubtedly have other gifts to bestow on me. Already 24″ Waste has lead me to explore a dark, confusing chapter of my life. This manuscript though complete requires some hefty edits to get the characters sure, the message clear and the book into print.

Again I felt internal integration occuring with the writing of this book. I feel as though I am freeing myself, accepting myself and being responsible for my life; all of it. So far the manuscript has pressed the buttons of its readers.

And so it may dealing with beauty, superficiality and mental illness

Merima decided to stop being a physiotherapist and become an author. Embracing this change of direction stretched her boundaries. The four books continued to call her but for once impatience failed to drive her dizzily forward.

She knew that each book served a bigger purpose. They lived inside her space waiting to be written. Already they had waited, they could wait some more. Only when complete could she move forward.

This might sound weird but I have to rid myself  of all I hold, situations, wondering, knowledge and the desire to fix the broken in our world. Having worked for over 36 years in the field of rehabilitation, I have seen people overcome physical disability.

Working closely with them, I have gained valuable insights into the human condition, the emotions and the mind. This weighs heavily on my soul. Through writing I can release it, not by purging as one might think but by creating believable realities that readers can relate to.

If by reading my words one person stops, taking time to reflect on their lives; I feel I have achieved a great deal.

I have touched their pain helping them.

About Schicksal

Merima is a freelance writer, blogger, and author, having recently published her first book, ‘Schicksal.’

Retiring from physiotherapy after thirty-six years of continuous service, her adventures began. The urge to write plummeted Merima into unknown terrain. It is both stimulating and scary. There is so much to learn.


Merima Jackson

back cover photo


My family consisted of the three of us, mum, dad and myself. As I grew up, this was my norm. Sure I saw other people’s families, large and boisterous but ours was padded out with my parents’ friends. They too had lost everything during WWII. 

My mother became unwell when I was sixteen  so I began to prepare myself for that moment  when both my parents would be gone. I would have to stand alone.

Its ramifications rippled through me.

My father ensured the past, by his recitations, would live on. As he shaved, I sat on the edge of the bath and listened to his tales of his life in Europe, a life he lived before my birth, something remote. Using my unconstrained imagination,  I created a movie; he the narrator.

At thirty-six I became an adult orphan. My world became less certain but an inner voice kept saying,  ‘You should write their story down.’

Grieving and overwhelmed, I doubted my ability to complete such a daunting task but a little at a time I delved into the unknown. In the process I fleshed out the skeleton of this memoir with a historically correct platform on which to rest. The process took five years.

For someone who abhorred war, avoiding it at all costs, I found myself seeped in war’s painful realities. Drawing on my own life experiences and those of my patients, who over 34 years had shared their struggles with me, I created a believable reality.

The research confused me at times, while the writing exhausted me. I wrote it as I believed it was, raw, no judgement; a world of harsh realities and even harsher choices. Despite the darkness a light shone.

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