The End: lessons learned

I’ve been writing a lot lately driven by an undeniable urge to finish my second manuscript. Writing a memoir is personal, mental health one even more so. A choice exists what to divulge and what to withhold. It’s weird, say too much and be vulnerable, say too little and appear bland.

For me it was anorexia.

We form attachments to our writing projects. Born through us, the umbilical cord twangs. But we have to let them go. We have to trust and accept help. Last time, I didn’t ask for help: a big mistake. So I’m sharing some simple lessons  learned with anyone who is finishing a manuscript.

Lessons learned from Schicksal (my first novel):

  • Keep revising and revising and revising
  • Take writing classes to hone the craft
  • Mix with writers and poets
  • Learn to take critique
  • Ask for the type of feedback you are seeking
  • If someone says it’s confusing: it is
  • If they are bored, it’s probably worth a revisit. Ask why?????
  • Change font and size of text, you’ll see errors leaping off the page
  • Consider  manuscript assessment
  • Remember you are the author, make informed choices about your work

Happy writing! The words ‘The End,’ though satisfying are just the beginning.


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