Getting Your Sparkle Back

The process of change is for the courageous. To change you have to meet yourself honestly which takes determination and patience. Struggling with a rampant inner critic, I view myself harshly, expecting perfection. Nothing less.

Stress triggers coping mechanisms and perfection is a coping mechanism. Perfectionism is common in those living with eating disorders such as anorexia.

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I’m working to understand where my core beliefs come from and accept that their validity. Most have served me well to date but some need a realignment. The past two weeks have been hard. I’ve banged into myself: splat. It’s a cycle, one I’m choosing to move away from.

The descent into a negative and conflicted state is rapid. Suddenly, I’m there. It would be easy to give into frustration, but I’m choosing to cut myself some slack.

If I don’t who will?

I fought this truth for many years but am beginning to see that everyone is flat-out with themselves. So I’m finally becoming more self-reliant than I ever imagined I would need to be. It is an empowering process. Sometimes it can be exhausting as fear and self-doubt aim to diminish my success.

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I’ve found some things that work for me and ease the process of letting go. Here is my list:

  • walking
  • going to green spaces
  • friends who value your uniqueness
  • the loving presence of children
  • chamomile tea
  • lavender oil
  • avoiding social media
  • minimising violent or frightening films
  • St. John’s Wort
  • taking photos
  • laughter

Kindly share your thought, what helps you through the tough times?

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