Unwrapping the Candle

Last year’s writing experiences included surprising insights. I unpicked my adolescence and refashioned it. I wrestled with my inner world conflict and attempted to capture the elusive turning point with anorexia. Profound moments hit me like bowling balls skittering pins.

Life challenged me and I lost and met myself over and over. My bucket filled and overflowed. I relived the discomfort of inner world overcrowding. My health suffered and insomnia robbed me of clarity. I spiralled in on myself like a Nautilus Shell. And in the darkness of near defeat, I finally accepted the profound effect of trauma on my life.

This poem reflects the complexities of the search, the gift a metaphor.

Unwrapping the Candle

The ribbon lay on the ground

a snake sleeping in the shade

The pretty paper held its creases

a flourish of precise corners and accurate folds

It revealed its inner self

the not so pretty side

The aspects stayed together

bonded more firmly than a sick marriage

The clear tape dot that sealed the box hid

another unseen obstacle in a convoluted path

My nail flaked as I picked at it

annoyance crinkled the plan of my day

I hated imperfection

finger nails should be uniform

The cardboard lid opened

a satisfying sound that peeked curiosity

The scent took me back to Thursday

fresh linen on a newly made bed

Hospital corners held the sheets firmly in place

and reminded me of my mother

The box tumbled onto he couch

and my lightning fast hand caught it

The candle had unpacked itself

virginal wax with dual wicks

It waited for a match

the melting and merging of all

Acceptance of the whole as it is

in the future beyond the pain


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