Anorexia Recovery

Sometimes life cracks you open and sometimes it doesn’t. Facing one’s mental health issues does. It does. Rising above the monsters that lurk behind the 2D cut out self, takes self-compassion and patience. Some would say we have to fight and slay the beast. But is it so?

I had to befriend mine. An acrostic poem …

Stock foto af 'Træ vippen i skoven blandt de grønne græs'

See-saw Me

Always there

Nagging and nitpicking

Orator in my inner world

Reminds me of perfection

Elegant and ethereal 

X-rays my perceived weaknesses

Internal warfare

Anxiety provoking insecurities spiral

Repetition drives me mad

Ever present condescension 

Critical chatter angers me rendering me

Open to healthier thoughts

Verging on change but not quite

Entangled with the voice I know

Realisation tips the see-saw

Yes to a healthy me


Kindly share your thoughts. How did you feel riding the see-saw of change?

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