Becoming a Woman

I’m 58 and I’ve spent my life questioning. Lately, I’ve discovered that I’m still wondering how to embrace womanhood, feeling totally comfortable in my own skin. And I’m not alone. This post is a series of questions. It’s about my ongoing journey of me making peace with me. It’s asking why we continually want to change ourselves.



Why do little girls want to be princesses? Or Fairies?

Why can’t they see they already are?

Why do tweenagers look to magazines for ideas of how to be themselves?

Why can’t they welcome the impending gift of womanhood?

Why do adolescents set their direction based on peer group influences?

Why is mum’s voice now silenced?

Why do young women spend hours constructing their masks?

And wonder if it is good enough … 

Why do brides struggle with their reflection in the mirror on their wedding days?

Why can’t they connect with their beauty?

Why do new mum’s see their deflated tummies?

And overlook the radiance in their child’s eyes … 

Why do working women work to exhaustion?

Why can’t they say, ‘No’?

Why do mother’s lose themselves?

And wake up one day wondering who they are … 

Why do empty-nesters paw through the shards of the past?

Why don’t they understand yet?

Why do early retirees feel guilt?

And not accept they’ve done enough … 

Please share your thoughts on womanhood. I’d love to hear your perspective. Leave a comment.

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