‘How’s Your Mental Health?’

I’m reflecting. I’m evaluating my input into people’s lives. It’s what I do as a physiotherapist in a Community Health Centre. Life’s tough out there. I’ve changed my practices, as I do periodically in the search of excellence. The general health question is a mire, extract, untangle, add up …

People come to me for answers and hope. I’m blessed to have time to listen, time to ask. I’ve added a new question:

‘How’s your mental health?’

It’s a keeper. It a leveler. If you have the kindness and courage to touch their pain, it creates rapport and success. Seeds blew in the spring wind this morning, each also had a story.


The Lost Seed

A seed blows, spiralling downwards

Springtime with its trick wind

Tantalises it

An erratic course, here and there

What of the seed?

What of the plan?


I imagine its struggle

Moments of resistance and wishing

But the wind overpowers it

Sapping its resolve and changing its direction

What of its wishes?

What of the warm earth?


It has travelled

Further from its mother

Than ever expected

Landing harshly on the road

What of Its beauty?

What of the plans?


Broken and tatty, it tries to fly

The wind a trickster

Lifts and drops it

Along alleyways and gutters

What of the countryside?

What of the potential?


It is not how

It should have been

When wind and sun and rain

Work together in creation

What of being lost?

What of the fear?


It struggles, hoping the wind will lift it up

The sea lies ahead beyond the drain

Salty and barren

A sure death, it rallies again

What of the forest home?

What of a place to belong?


Swirling gusts lift the seed

Dizzy and disoriented, it yields

Over a broken, greying fence

Where it falls weakened

In the nurturing soil?

In  the corner of the garden?





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