The Moreton Bay Fig

Nature inspires me. I thought of my daughter and her determination to see the Fig Trees yesterday. I love her for that, her spontaneity and love of nature’s gifts. A Queenslander to the core, I wrote about these iconic trees: a metaphor.

The Moreton Bay Fig

before we are conceived

there is potential

leaves an infinite array on a great tree

leaves MBF (3)

one is our destiny

and we become a limb skinny and scant

lying deep within the mothers womb

in birth we emerge protected

limbs MBF

childhood alive with choices and imagination

fleeting like a rainbow passes

expectations mold us

the paths converging to a decision point

limbs MBF

we rush at it driven by the urgency of youth

infallible, we strive hurtling down the path

relationships, career, children, possessions

a solid trunk without windows

a place where we lose ourselves

single trunk MBF

mid-life, questioning what has been

asking how, asking why

it’s dark in there alone

in the unsatisfactory world of our creation

expansion begins

roots MBF

the world emerges slowly revealing possibilities

as sound as we dare to believe

in solid things things of value

previously carelessly swept aside

now fundamental and lasting

Or is it more like this?

The Moreton Bay Fig

nurtured in the darkness of the womb

we are safe

knowing everything with no need to question

roots MBF (2) 

as children we run free

chasing butterflies, sometimes here sometimes there

life is full joy and colour

unbridled learning in the back yard

single trunk MBF (2)

at school we play and learn

rules, writing, maths, sport, art 

the universe is unravelled and reconstructed for us

it’s solid a place to stand

among the dust motes

trunks MBF (2).jpg

choices present themselves

safe, realistic not to overwhelming

branches of achievable reality

entice us to decide who it is

we want to be

limbs MBF (2)

grabbing them we invent and reinvent ourselves

over and over

trying new identities like new hats

wife, mother, career woman, gardener, artist

sometimes the branch withers

leaves MBF (2)

but most live reaching upward

creating unabashed adding colour and texture

to a life which whilst fading

is vibrant and establishing its part

of the whole 

the whole























































































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