The Writer’s Space

Sometimes the words pour out of me, sometimes they don’t. There’s a lot more to the craft of writing than I had ever expected. Everyday I learn something new. As I find my way, I realise I’m reaching into the realm of the infinite.

Writing is like golf, deceptively easy on the surface.


I spend a lot of time writing in my head; thinking about what I have to say and imagining interesting fresh ways to get my message across, sentences forming at random times (normally when I am totally absorbed in something else). Vow as I might to remember these sparks of genius, they waft through my mind into the ether if I don’t catch them then and there committing them to the page.

Left  too long the passion cools and the message pales. Seizing the moment is vital. It allows me to enter the piece I’m writing establishing connection. Words are like mischievous fairies  flitting here and there. Then sentences combine sequentially or not to form a thread which holds the story together. Word fairies like dust motes highlight passages.

Where do these stories come from? From personal experience in writing classes, I’ve found that prompts can unleash something from an unconscious plane. Once released it works towards realisation. The story takes the lead twisting and turning to completion. Sometimes I read these pieces out surprised by what I’ve penned.

Writing is in the realm of magic. A relaxed open mind seems to be a fertile seed bed. Ideas germinate and grow. I believe we all have a message we want to share with the world. Why do some of us hold back? The most potent barrier to writing is the writer. Self doubt, comparisons and fear immobilise the creative process.

Spending time with other writers, sharing one’s work and giving or receiving courteous critique is a wonderful way to build self belief. Sitting around a large table pen in hand, sharing the love for the written word is a conduit for any writer. Initially, I found it daunting sharing my vulnerabilities, writing about my personal experiences in the form of memoir.

Anorexia is a complicated and tenacious condition. By sharing my personal experience, I hope to take the reader into my space as an adolescent; maybe they will understand, maybe not. Since I have begun to write about my experience, my recollection of the experience and my difficulties; readers have shared their vulnerabilities with me.  what a blessing!

The writing space is a place of courage expressing something you feel deeply passionate about. I believe it will flow, when we as writers are true to ourselves. This is only one of many ways. It has helped me.

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