Embracing Change

The New Toy

New, sparkling and shining

A child’s toy in the soft morning sun

Little hands explore

Tracing the outlines, feeling the texture

Detailed inspection, then into the mouth

How does it work?

Rattling and clanging, pushing and pulling

Make it go 


New, sparkling and shining

The brown bag sits on the train seat

My friend has two

Hers sit on her lap

I delve in removing my purchase

Unwrapping it , I remove the tamper resistant seal

Squirting a little onto my finger, I taste it


New, sparkling and shining

I see you and my world implodes

You fill my every cell

I redesign myself

Improvements in accordance with your desires

We are one

Finding ourselves by getting lost in love

New. sparkling and shining

I look down on your newborn head

Unwashed and alive with my own scent


Emotions tear through me

Born with you and driven by hormonal waves

I kiss you softly

Embarking into the unknowable

New, sparkling and shining

Lost through motherhood

Bedraggled, I climb out of the tunnel

The mirror reflects a woman, I do not know

She could be me but is bone weary

Who am I now?

Where to from here?

New, sparkling and shining

I decide to change, leaping into the void

What if I drown?

I feel one-dimensional

Maybe two, a scrap of paper floating

Swirling and twisting in the realm of ideas

I grab hold

Toy in hand, I am new again


This poem is a reflection of my life to date. I think many of us can relate to this well scenario. Our feet fall softly on the familiar as we lose our way. Waking frustrated and alone we are driven to stop and regroup, a confronting time. At this hiatus, I discovered writing. It gave me purpose, confidence and joy.

Kindly share your thoughts or experiences



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