Author Events

Public speaking love it or hate it: it’s  an authors lot. Schicksal has taught me a lot.

Library based book launches/ author events are a wonderful to connect with readers. So dress the part and share your unique story. Enthusiasm is deliciously infectious, like laughter, it makes the world sparkle.


A couple of weeks before:

  • Confirm the date and time
  • Check the address
  • Ensure any audio-visual equipment is available
  • Confirm if you will supply books for sale
  • Check out any advertising done by the library and share it on your social media

A week before:

  • Ensure that your presentation is written, rehearsed and appropriate for the audience
  • Ring the librarian, touching base
  • Do you need to bring your computer or just a USB?
  • Do you need access to the internet to show a trailer?
  • Mac or windows?

I like to have everything laid out the night before, packing the car as I’m about to leave.

On the day:

  • Allow an extra 15 minutes to get there
  • Make sure you’ve eaten going easy on caffeine
  • Optimise the positioning of your book display to engage possible buyers
  • Learn how to connect to the data projector and use a remote to advance slides (they can be really sensitive)
  • Allow time to relax before the presentation
  • Meet, greet and give a business card

Just before beginning do a volume check ensuring that the audience can hear you. Invite people hard of hearing to move to the front. Ensure that audience members know they are welcome to let you know  anytime if your volume trails off.

Sit and speak or stand? Personally, I like to sit though standing allows one to project one’s voice much better. While welcoming questions, it is important to set some boundaries. At times audience members may ask inappropriate questions e.g. financial, which you are not obliged to answer.

Tricky questions:

  • Paraphrase
  • Ask for time to think about it
  • Answer kindly and move the conversation on
  • Remember to stay calm and professional
  • It’s okay to say, ‘That’s all I can say.’
  • No Spoilers, You want the audience to read your book!

Finish with a slide on your social media asking the audience to follow you. I’d love to hear any advice that you may have to share on this topic. Please leave a comment.

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