The Aftermath

On Friday, our lovely city was rocked by a random act of violence. My thoughts go out to those involved, those who have lost loved ones and those who in the course of their duty serve our community.

It is Monday.

For many, a difficult week lies ahead. As citizens, we find the media reports buffeting us, social media imploring us and our own emotions ensnaring us.Many feel a sense of helplessness wanting to help but unsure how to. Can we do more? If so, how?


Thoughts are powerful. Before we think a thought, there is emptiness: a thought is an act of creation, an inception. Thoughts of a similar nature tend to find each other forming a huge thought form which if large enough becomes part of our global consciousness.These are the things we believe as a community or nation.

Is it beneficial to be associated with fear, anger or judgement?

Personal anger is of no benefit. Being angry can’t undo the past, it only adds to the anger already prevalent in our society potentially perpetuating more violence. It can make you sick. Concentrating on thoughts of strength, support and healing to all involved is a powerful way of helping. We need to create a wave.

There are many difficulties ahead for those involved: funerals, ICU visits, prolonged hospitalisation and PTSD. Sending prayers, thoughts and love will create a positive vibe. Think of it as a big set of loving arms cradling those who feel vulnerable. In privacy of our own minds, we can make a difference.

It is difficult to sustain a positive attitude among the pervading atmosphere of fear but his is just the time when it is most needed. Becoming vigilant of one’s thoughts and focusing on the positive can help everyone. Kindly consider becoming part of a healing and loving thought form.

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