The Sleeping Voice

Like the fool card in the tarot, I jumped. My inner voice guided me to writing, something I’d informally done for years; random jottings here and there. My change of career past mid-life surprised me. Slowly I met, listened to and released the voice within.


Not so overwhelmed now, I am giving myself a chance, lowering the expectations and removing the lash from my bleeding back. As I am ready to learn, opportunities are there. It has been a wonderful confirmation of the Divine at work.

To those who have followed my blog as I found my way. I say thank you from my heart to yours. I wish all the readers a very Merry Christmas. May you spend the time in gentle company nourishing your soul and sharing this love over the holiday season.

The Sleeping Voice

The scent of Christmas fills the room

A Royal Doulton candle burns brightly


A time to reflect time alone


It’s quiet inside

Where the author lives

Ideas coddled in potential expression

They are dormant


Patiently looking out 

Through my eyes

Whispering so softly

In a voice that only I can hear


I listen distracted and doubtful

My fingers hesitantly type the words

Giving them life

So the world can


Merry Christmas. May peace, health and abundance be your bounty in 2017.




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