Discovering Plot Options

It’s been a great week. After sharing my inspiration with my fellow writers, I discovered more Swiss Cheese holes in my knowledge. Disappointment laid aside (‘d confused them), I began to investigate plot structure:

  • Linear A<B>C>D, predictable, can be suited to a memoir
    • Non-linear D>A>B>C or C>A>B>D, used in movies and TV
      • Collage, bits everywhere tied together with a common theme. That’s it:’What is it about?’
        • There are more, many more limited only by ones skill and imagination.





                                                         T structure is driving me crazy.

I toyed with the idea of the collage

fragments of character, plot, time, space…

I could see it in my mind’s eye but knew that imagination

can make the impossible seem plausible if not simple (a dangerous place to dwell).







My writing teacher gave us a chapter from ‘The Boys of my Youth,’ by Jo Ann Beard, a fine example of a braided narrative. I read it and tried to understand the technique.

Another afternoon spent with google searching, digressing, progressing and regressing. fortunately also some processing. This is my understanding to date:

             three strands

                              of equal weight

                                                   are plaited in and out of the narrative

                              supporting the central idea

          producing an active experience for the reader

I felt that my memoir, 24″ Waste, had these components, the protagonist, adolescence and then some minor but important characters once intertwined could form a third strand. More work ahead, some achieved already, voice√, tense √ and now plot structure √.

I hope this is helpful. Kindly comment and share some of your writing discoveries. I’d love to hear from you.

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