Structure and Fun

Last week INS


ED me. Finishing ‘The House of Leaves,’ I experienced first hand the quirkiness of this non-linear plot. The book had an added dimension, a visual element.


In the middle of the ‘O’ we imagined and followed the characters lives as they traipsed through the chaos that constituted their reality. The bold black confines of the ‘O’ held us fast but our reality enticed us beyond it.


It paralleled the adolescent world. //, lives going places, side by side not really touching each other. I thought of the doodling and drawing that lived in the margins of my school work.

It kept me sane.

The teachers gave up on me, no longer admonishing me. 

I liked the visual dimension.



                                                            THE WRITING, a direction, brief, succinct.

I began to play with my manuscript, including different fonts, pictures made of words and the inclusion of symbols. The process, a long one drained me at times. I felt excited that among the darkness of those anorexic years, I could add a flippant touch, a respite for my readers. For balance my writing needed some light.

Even though I don’t want it…REALITY CHECK!!!

Yes,this is screaming out of the page. Excited to get feedback on my new direction, I took the modified chapter to a writing class for critique. Sitting on my chair I noted carefully the furrowed brows, discarded pages and looks of confusion. The things left unsaid spoke louder than the ensuing words.

Some of my bravado evaporated but as I thought about it more I understood.

B    A    L    A    N    C    E



It seems I may need to temper my enthusiasm  and develop some classy but pivotal word based images to enhance my writing. Kindly leave comments, I could use a hand:

  • Has anyone else done this?
    • Does the inconsistency take you out of the flow?
      • Are different fonts useful to trace characters who run in // through the story?
        • Can anyone recommend a good example I might read to garner some more knowledge?
          • Is a braided narrative more appropriate?

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