Blogging Niche

The crux: What is the blog about?

Success it seems comes from niche, excellence, and passion. An avid note taker, I filled a few more pages of a notebook with advice. The question, however, rattled around in my head all weekend. An answer would come, sooner or later.

What is it that I am good at? What do I have the authority to comment on? What is it I am actually trying to do each Monday morning when I compose my post?


It dawned on me that my blog had wandered here and there like a dog off the leash in a green park. My topics varied. That in itself is not a bad thing,a bit of variety but it needed a thread, a unifying factor which braided the ideas together.

What is the blog about?

Initially, I wrote about my first book Schicksal, the back story, the story, my personal development etc. but my inspiration ran dry. I developed my page to include the projects I plan for the future. 24″ Waste is still evolving as I refine my writing skills.

Why not write about the things I know, health, spirituality, the human condition? My Instagram has #everydaythings, under which I’ve been posting daily photos. An ‘ah-ha’ moment dawns… write about the everyday things that jump out at you. I stand chuffed by the simplicity of the concept.


My blog will continue to grace many topics but the unifying thread will be the ordinary things that trip me, stopping me and making me reflect. Just recently I came down with a terrible head cold. Tenacious as can be, it refused to budge. Brazenly it took the skin off my nose, bathed my brain in phlegm and eroded my energy.

I felt as if I lived in a snotty bubble. Into the third week, I lost my optimism, my mood plummeted. Dark times descended and I began making mistakes. Everyday tasks seemed impossible. The Lesson: you need to look after you. It made me reflect on my hospital days, where people struggle to function when the body is sick. I am now much more aware of the interrelationship of physical and mental wellbeing.

Having charted my course, I reiterate only you can look after you. So:

  • have a ‘nana’ nap
  • enjoy a coffee or tea
  • go outdoors into the garden
  • take a day trip rediscovering nature
  • laugh with a close friend
  • listen to some music

This list can go on and on. Why not share your favourite self-nurturing activity?

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