Inside the Memoir Writer

What entices you to read a memoir? I would love to hear your thoughts.

What makes me want to write my second memoir? The unscrambling follows please read on.

Researching this genre, I find an elegant and confusing list of memoir attributes. These hope to unite those impassioned writers who want to share something about their lives, often a deep revelation of some hardship overcome. Writing to heal or healing to write; who knows.


A memoir springing forth from the memory of the writer is fraught with inconsistencies of recall, coloured by the perception of the author. These delicious foibles add to the uniqueness of the experience. The spotlight shines brightly on a part of one’s life, a dodgey bit.

Creative fiction is often used to describe memoir writing. Here among the recall of facts, hazy memories are embellished with broad brushings of creativity. Done well it makes for a compelling read. The writer gives me more than a story; the gift a snippet of their life. Our reality hunger has transcended TV, now infecting the written word.

Inside the Memoir

The life inside my head

Is far busier than that outside. In the real world.

Things happen,

Big things hiding among the myriad of everyday happenings.

Some are restless

Not wishing to remain contained in the dark.

They pester

Like a small child wanting a chocolate bar.

Ignored, the inner prickling increases.

Whining, demanding and finally screaming

The story takes on life.

Searching relentlessly for a scribe, to give it presence.

The voice that guides the pen

Can be confronting. Very.

It seeks its completion regardless of the carnage.

So a slave to its need, I peel back the layers of me

Laying them as bare as I can.

My vulnerabilities shine in the sun.

I cry.

Then I take your hand, inviting you to travel with me

Across mountains, through valleys in laughter and in tears.

I write,

Giving you a part of me,

Some of my hard-won insight.



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