I am so excited! My last few hard copies of Schicksal are selling fast. If you’d like a copy, look under purchase. Just had to share.

I am sitting on an old couch, old because the cats have shredded the sides with their claws. My veggie garden springs to life after winter’s slumber. But it is far of blurred by the flyscreens and the misting rain.

At the back door, my dog’s large brown eyes look up mournfully. Due to the rain, the window of opportunity for our morning walk has passed. Even when wearing her orange jacket, she is too old to take out in the rain.


‘They,’ said it would rain. Ninety percent chance by nine in the morning. It is barely eight. ‘They,’ got it wrong. Recently I became aware of ‘they,’ and how often it crops up in my life. Who are ‘they’? And what do they want?

Having some time to think, I ponder it. ‘They,’ seem to be a collective consciousness of questions we have no answers to and are too lazy to look up on Google. It is that irritating factor, a combination of change, lack of information and partial interest.

For something so vague, it certainly has sticky fingers. Calling us back time and time again to the unanswered or incomplete but we get lost, drifting away from the solution. It comes to the fore and we say,’I should have done that. Must look into it soon.’ Our intent is hollow.

‘They,’ is the perfect scapegoat. Someone to blame when things don’t go to plan. Being invisible and of our own creation, we can point the finger and disapprove. Where does ‘they,’ live? Upon introspection, I wonder if it is actually a foible that lives inside us, each one of us.

Is this vague entity just another creation of our own making? Is it a reluctance to take full responsibility for being informed about the situations that impact on our daily lives? Personally I find procrastination tiring but tenacious. Once I have broken free and found my solutions, I literally dance in the hallway.

Taking control is liberating. It is a joyous and rewarding experince. So on this sprinkly day, when rainbeads of silver hang of branches; I ask you to befriend ‘they,’ discover what it is and fly.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Kindly share  a they moment.

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