A Change of Direction

This past month I spent time with my family. The birth of our first grandchild: a gift on many levels. Pushing through my inertia, I forced myself to enrol for a copyediting course. Usually, I procrastinate when something significant is looming on the horizon … something I don’t want to consider.


Leaving the course I felt disenchanted. I had taken the course to spur me on, but felt flat instead. Why? I began to look at the holes in my knowledge, honestly, in the privacy of my mind. Although uncomfortable, I persevered despite the discomfort.

YouTube videos helped me bridge some computer related shortfalls. Then I searched my wallet for my library card and drove down there to borrow some books on writing and grammar. Strange as it may seem, I enjoyed the process.

The English language rules have changed in the last 47 years! So have I.

Hay House also sent me some short videos. As a Balboa Press author (Schicksal), I received some useful information. My break had turned out to be a chance to change direction. Taking time to think it through, I have decided to rebrand under my name, Merima Jackson.

As a first generation Australian I’d like my site to reveal my Australian roots. The time spent nosing through books has inspired me to share my insights. Let’s face it we all write in one way or another. How satisfying would it be, to express oneself eloquently and brightly? Correctly?

My blog and Facebook page will undergo a transformation and I will share my insights. Personal discoveries may help you to rediscover something long forgotten or better still new.

This week’s insights:

  • Write an amazing beginning
  • Create a hook for your book
  • Organise your chapters blending planning and inspiration
  • The ending is crucial
  • How do you want your reader to feel upon completion of your book?
  • Rewrite, revise and reread
  • Get editorial help once your manuscript is as good as you can make it

Please feel free to comment or add suggestions of your own. I’d love to hear from you.


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