Winter Days


Cold winds blow up high and down low.

Ominous clouds swirl overhead,

Whilst scarves blow back and forth,

Their ends twisting.

Life looks different

My eyes seeing still, warm times by the fire.

Chunky mugs of hot drinks

Rest easily in the palm of my hand.




From the fast-paced dance of the summer months

With her handkerchief extended

In invitation.

I seek solitude.

My soul smiles,

As I give it permission to delve and reflect.

Times past wash past;

Memories enriching my reverie.



A mixture of fun and sad times,

Meetings, partings; losses and gains

Inside me,

Evoking smiles and tears.

I watch them toy with me.

Aware for the first time of their power.

At this point, I could submit,

Or watch them play, an observer.


Winter is for so many a time of introspection. This winter our family has been doubly blessed with the birth of a baby and visits home of family members, currently living far away.

At a time of involution, our lives became full and joyous. Days flew by as the unexpected took us by the hand and lead us astray. Busy now, I forgot to go with the seasons, with winter , with the solstice and her promises.

Nature won, though. In windows of opportunity no matter how slim, I travelled again the well-trodden path of reflection. Things had changed. Choosing to watch not play, the world reinvented itself.


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