Chasing the Sunset

Winter winds battered the side of the house.

The ferocity left its mark,

My welcome plaque lay on the ground,the petal of one of the flowers shattered.

In my mind I tried to piece it together, a habit of mine.


Slow to die.


The house welcomed us with its distinctive closed smell.

Although not unpleasant, it screamed for air.

Soon these visits too would become memories,

Veils clouding the past with a rosy glow.


Soon to say bye.


Winter seas raged in the distance, tearing the kelp,

Dumping it high on the dunes.

They reflected my inner unease,

Sucking sand out then dumping huge rifts upon the beach.


Inventing and remodeling.


The wind bit our faces as we walked through our past memories

Trying to breathe life into them.

The cold sobering our irrational sentimentality.

A chance to good to miss, we laughed and played none the less.


Making memories.


The sun dipped, now low in the sky

Toying with the haphazard clouds above.

In places a golden glow peeked out from the grey wooliness.

With light hearts we followed the cliffs.


Chasing the sunset.

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