A Morning Walk

The dew , little balls of silver

Glistened in the sun.

My iPhone rested heavily in my pocket.

It seemed to scream,

“I can capture the magic, give me a chance to show you.”


I looked again at the little rainbows gracing the droplets,

Smatterings of red, green and blue

Hints of the realm of possibility.

I wanted to imbibe them

Holding the hope and promise in my heart.

The coolness of morning touched my warmly showered body,

I felt it the crispness of my decision.

The world looked clear and magical,

I felt a deep satisfying sense of calm.

I had made the right decision.

The light enticed me showing the world in its perfection.

Flowers basked in the morning sun,

Autumn leaves shone golden, holding on tightly.

This afternoon’s wind would loosen their tentative grasp

Fluttering down, returning to their birth.

Full circle,

Yes, I too had come full circle.

Optimistic and willing to learn,

Experienced and amassing more skills,

Then one day the magic faded, then and there. Gone.

The ground underneath me shifted becoming soft,

The quicksand of my doubts began to suck me down.

I felt unsure and helpless in the face of change.

My courage faltered, as did my confidence.

Until today.

Today I the world showed me, it would be okay.


“I’d love to hear about your epiphany when making a life change.”




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