Evocating through Scent

On Thursday evening after a haphazard round of golf on a grey, cold afternoon, I took the Brazilian Guavas out of the fridge, their scent filled the air. The little reddish purple fruits given to me by one of the dietitians at work.


Another new discovery. I ate one and knew from previous forays into the world of weird fruits that this one would be a huge success.They tasted good but had little seeds and a strong tannin after taste.

After boiling them, I strained them twice and made a rich red jelly. The aroma permeated the whole house, creating a feeling of nostalgia and comfort. I reveled in the experience. Looking them up on the internet, I found I had the name wrong…..

Strawberry Guavas.

It got me thinking of how as an author I create a reality, fleshing out my words with a believable reality. Often visual description forms the basis of this creation, them emotional experiences and thoughts. Sounds enhance the readers perceptions and can be captured but are rarely written as they are heard.

The sound of the sound can be difficult to capture. The smell of my jelly evoked within me a wondrous concoction of feelings, memories and relaxation.

If I were to try to capture this, what would I say?

Similes often sound hollow, falling far short. The intensity is lost. How does one write the smell? How can one capture the holistic experience of the smell and its role in advancing the plot? My Strawberry Guavas awoke within me another path of exploration.

Once again I sat there in front of a puzzle which seemed, shall I say it? Hard.

This week I shall try to live from the perspective of scent, shifting my focus from its entrenched groove. If I even partly succeed, I know that my experiences will be enriched and hence my, life which will flow into my writing.

So I invite you to step sideways out of the routine and open up your world of eventualities. Write them down and see if looking at life from over there changes things. Give it a go!

I would love to hear your experiences should you wish to share.


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