Something New, the Unfolding

I find trying new things an amazing idea generator. After the initial discomfort. A firm resolve to move forward reaps unexpected rewards.

Some days, a cup of tea by the computer seem preferable.


Joining a community group is fodder for growth. Like the work place, a subtle subculture pervades. For those with honed in gut reactions, the first impression can make or break the new relationship. Maybe it is the silvers in my hair that enhance my perception but I find myself increasingly looking beyond the facade.

When things go well, I smile reveling in life’s bounty. As things derail, I’m forced to move beyond my paradigms; not always a pleasant space.

Most writer’s are addicted to watching the endless play of the human experience. It fuels our writings. The interplay of situations, personalities and emotions provide infinite opportunities for reflection and character development.

Some authors blend actions, reactions and setting in an unforgettable way. Settings which embrace another culture enthrall me. James Clavell researched diligently ensuring Shogun producing an all encompassing experience.

So I guess I’m suggesting  try something new, job, community committee or church and watch what happens. The unfolding may astound you. Observing others is interesting but what unfolds in your world may astound you.

From personal experience comes a depth that imagination alone can’t provide.



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