My Next Adventure, Clunes

When I finished writing ‘Schicksal’, I rather naively thought that I had accomplished a great deal. Balboa Press the self publishing wing of Hay house helped me to understand that publicity and marketing were my next area of growth.

My parent’s memoir continues to enrich my life. Already I have embraced so many new experiences. I have learnt about social media, blogging, and book launches. Librarians have been very supportive and helpful. My public speaking confidence is growing daily.

I like talking to people about my book.


Balboa Press offered me the chance to buy copies of my book right as the winds of change blew into the warm interiors of book stores. As I began to investigate the avenues of sale I found that many book stores had closed with the advent of the eBook.

Balboa Press Australia

Those still open and trading often sought well-known, previously published authors to display on their shelves. Our local bookstore owner Craig has supported me and kept a small supply of my book on his shelves, complete with local author stickers.

Collins Book Store Sunbury

After many disappointing phone calls , I began to look for other ways to sell copies of my book. We tried twilight fairs in our local area with interest and success. Then I began to search for book events and found ‘The Clunes Booktown Festival.’

It seemed perfect but my application was a little late.

This year I have managed to secure a place and am happy to be there among so many other authors, readers and book lovers. Passionate about my story I feel it fits well with the festival theme,’ Journeys through time and place.’

Assisted by my daughter who will help me with promotion, my husband who will handle logistics and my best friend who will provide moral support; I look forward to meeting you. The Clunes Booktown Festival is on 30/04/2016 and 01/05/2016.

Clunes Booktown Festival

For me so far the whole process has been positive and inspiring. I hope to inspire others to follow their passion and share their experiences. We can all help each other.


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