“In Autumn we often drive through the Australian countryside to visit family. From the road I spotted it, an old tree there on its own heavily laden with bright yellow fruit. The ghost of an old home stood by, long forgotten.

Wanting to pick some my husband and I drove along the dirt lane. Soon a bucket full of ripe fruit sat on the boot of the car. The quinces were fuzzy and slightly oily. In no time their aroma filled the car, a smell so unique and rich; it immediately provoked a sense of comfort.”


Many people make quince jelly or quince paste to accompany their cheese platters. I personally love stewed quinces, a lovely autumn dessert.

Stewed Quinces


  • One medium quince per person
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla bean
  • 6 cloves
  • Water


  • Wash quinces thoroughly
  • Place in a large pot and 1/2 cover with water
  • Add a cup of sugar and spices
  • Simmer gently until tender, turning the fruit in the syrup at times
  • Remove fruit, strain and reduce the syrup

Serving suggestions

quince and cream

I like serving the fruit whole, drizzling syrup over it. Add a generous scoop of double cream and good quality vanilla ice cream. Quinces are delicious warm. They have an inedible core similar to a pear or apple.





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