Author Talks

The author talk is an exhilarating experience, a juxtaposition of highs and lows. It begins long before the actual presentation, beginning with the call or email that says, “yes”.

The  Author Talk

I psyche myself up,

Make the call, send the email and wait.

An invisible face, clad in the cloak of self-publishing.

I kid myself,

It’s not as hard as I think, it will be okay.


When a break comes,

I dance a little twirl around my living room.

Methodically my mind begins to plan.

It loves to run list, books, talk, USB, change, BSB and account number.

Again I have to create a talk.

Like writing, it’s fun,

An hour once perceived as so long, now seems short.

My enthusiasm peaks.

Passion, love for the topic and the opportunity to share 

Fodder my attempts.

On the day I meet the librarians,

See their encouraging smiles and wonder.

What do they think, how do they appraise me?

I love to talk, to share, to laugh and answer questions

Despite the dippy effect of the adrenaline in my veins, I love to share.

I love giving author talks. Right in the beginning on my first talk for Schicksal, I settled into it and really enjoyed the process. Never be scared, if you have worked hard and materialized a book out of the ether of your thoughts, ideas and research; tap into your passion and  believe that you know the subject.

The public are generally interested in what you have to say, often other fledgling authors come along to ask a timid question or two. As well as a promotional avenue, the talk is a gift, the flame of enthusiasm hidden inside you. One to be handed on and on.

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