The Talk

Writing a book is just part of the lifestyle, thinking one can hide anonymously behind the keyboard, a misnomer. Upon reflection I understand how clueless I had been. As I adopted my new role, I found it opened up boundless opportunities.

20150716_114359 1

U3A Talk

Stepping well outside my comfort zone, an internal war of insecurities raged inside me. The I don’t know what to do factor yelling the loudest, vying for airplay. I guess it kept me in the modern world, learning about social media, marketing and publicity.

An avid reader, I love libraries and found a lot of genuine good will and interest there. Talks at library’s, book launches gave me another opportunity to hone some skills. Fortunately I don’t mind public speaking.

Passion helps. Being on top of the subject too. So then the creative gene kicks in. For me I sat and watched a whole heap of TED talks, mainly given by women. I watched them seeing what worked for me and what didn’t. I found commonality in the themes.

What did I want to do exactly?


I figured if folk came and gave their time I should give them something in return. My initial series of talks aimed at stimulating creativity and encouraging follow through with those vague mystical tugs at our sensibilities. I am referring to those ideas that bug us; poke, poke ,poke.

An over-rehearsed presenter is a bad look, sort of like eating the cereal box, so I recently have rewritten the material, taken new photos and am excited. Although there are many do’s and don’ts In public speaking, I feel a well informed passionate speaker will always engage the audience.

Forget the doubt in you. People want to hear how you did this.

So if like me you are finding your way there in author land, have fun and don’t give up. If you have spent the time and energy putting your message into print, like I did with Schicksal, keep on moving. Just writing the book shows the drive and passion within you.

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