Yesterday began a bit fuzzy around the edges, my stomach still a bit off after something I ate at lunch, the day before. My delicious meal raced through my system with unprecedented speed and left me squeaky clean on the inside.

Going about my domestics, a sudden bolt of enthusiasm tore through me. I looked at my writing desk and pondered. It appeared tidy enough but whole layer of old and outworn junk; notebooks mainly hid in the jammed drawers.


My era one of the written word, written by hand that is; ensures that I take copious notes when exploring the new. Notebooks and folders multiply in the dark drawers, rearranging themselves into a state of refined chaos.

Before I knew it I had upended the lot;  a crazy whim.

Then I had no choice, a new year just begun, order had to be restored. It took a while as some of the material no longer served any purpose. Initially a bit overwhelmed, I found that the more I worked on it the more enthusiastic I became.

I dusted the desk, watered the plant, removed the old books placing them in a book shelf. It felt good. I guess the hype surrounding a new year, a new beginning rubbed of on me. Looking to rewrite my book launch talk for Schicksal I found some interesting intellectual fodder.

That is tomorrows job, literally, not a cop out.

My new novel, 24″ Waste is now in the hands of three close friends who will lovingly review the MS and critique the work honestly. It is exciting to move forward into the new.

I would like to encourage everyone to follow the yearning inside and take that initial step no mater how small to realize it. The process is both empowering and fun. So remove the clutter, the physical road blocks and begin.


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