NYE Choices

Well the pre-Christmas frenzy dims in our memories, Christmas over for another year. Now we are in between, awaiting the New Year with its own specific hype and promises, promises of new beginnings.

New Year evolves as we spin faster around the sun. A time of reflection can help us to plan. The unpainted canvas of our lives eagerly awaits something new and unique from us. Often we hesitate, scared to change.



I walked a street, all dim and empty.

I knew not where it lead.

Alone, aware; it had no ending.

I longed for the comfort of my bed.

I cold wind blew, ice to my bones.

It sharpened my perceptions.

And as I stood there all alone,

Uncertainty washed my face.

I knew it well, it screamed out from me.

This place so foreign yet so familiar.

Discomfort pushed me from my ledge,

I chose for me, I chose me.

Through the dimness and the dark.

I saw myself alone and small.

My arms reached out to hug this child.

Together now we would walk tall.

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