Christmas in the City

“Among the dichotomy of the festive season, I wish you happiness and ease over Christmas. Merry Christmas.”


We caught the train into the city.

The wind blew as fierce winds, fires and smoke blew over Melbourne.

Everything looked normal.

The train littered with spent drink containers,

Coins and keys defacing the glass.

christmas melbourne

“Layers upon layers of Christmas”

Overhead bells and stars adorned the mall.

Buskers tinseled out their music.

People came and went, some gazing unseeingly.

Children pulled back on rushed mother’s hands.

They wanted to see the Myer windows.


Among the flawlessly decorated trees, sat beggars.

For them Christmas loomed to.

They had family and once in a life long ago, friends.

One changed into warmer clothes, Swanston Street his bedroom.

Another kept a well fed dog.


The extremes gnawed at me.

My empathy diminished my Christmas glow.

An adult, I saw the world’s thorns.

I reached for a smile, seeking the child.

The child saw magic everywhere.





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