Lorna’s Wisdom 2

I checked the weather and my phone told me it would rain later. The quiet start to the day got revved up a bit but Iavoided conflict and went with the flow.

I could have screamed. Taking a shower, I put on my tracksuit and went out into the cold morning. Usually the cold air helped. I could still my mind but my emotions ran rampant with adrenaline rushing through my veins atop of caffeine. crossing the Great Ocean Road, I stuck my nose into the gale force wind coming off the Southern Ocean.

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Its icy spears pierced the gloom which wrapped tightly around my body. Feeling and imagining I tried to let the wars of eons go.

Walking along the track I came to a spot, my sister in kind loved. At the end of a sheltered bay stood a huge limestone formation with a large hole weathered in it. She loved it and in days before surgery and brushes with death we slid down the steep path to sit here just to talk.

The path, overgrown now almost disappeared but I carefully trudged my way through and looked down seeing a dozen or so birds swimming lazily around in the sea. I looked again, those birds looked really out of place. It made me wonder as I descended the steps and walked to the end of the cove,dodging the kelp torn up by the fierce winter weather.

The birds had gone.

Almost back I looked up and saw my neighbour walking towards me. We stopped and talked. Lorna a resident of these parts began to talk about the area. Her knowledge vast and recitation interesting, the inception of the idea for “Lorna’s Wisdom” on my blog.

“Did you see the birds?” She smiled at my confusion.

“Yes. I thought they were ….. ducks.” I hesitated before saying the word. Ducks on the sea; it didn’t seem quite right.

“Haven’t you seen them here before? They come and swim in the salt to get rid of the lice,” Lorna explained. Again i marveled at the knowledge and stories kept by older folk. Even as a child I loved to listen to tales of places and things new to me. We walked home together with her little dog sharing good company. my mood elevated now untouched by the conflict which just an hour ago threatened to consume my day.

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