A Place of Peace

Everyone has a place of peace. It is somewhere we go when the outside world intrudes and takes over our inner world. The intrusive, disruptive and persistent nature of this unwelcome visitor, rattles us. Stress makes us forgetful, unreliable and short tempered. It is not a place to dwell.

The very real need for time out creeps up on us ever so slowly. Our introspection tells us something is amiss but we fight the reality tooth and nail focussing on the many tasks which keep us chasing our tails. The emotions are frayed but the mind wants action. An egotist without bounds it convinces us of the need to push it through to the end.


The prickling of irrational conscience confronts us leading us further and further from our true goal. The water becomes so muddy that we find ourselves unable to think straight.


The time to rest is nigh best to take action here before illness sets in laying us in our beds without a choice. So we make a plan to go somewhere to recharge our flagging inner reserves but the usual joy is over shadowed by overwhelm as we attend to the many tasks that need to be completed before we go. Finally we leave, messily packed, car half empty and fatigued.

As we travel the sun shines and the radio plays. Over the kilometres a change occurs in our perception. Nearing our special place we really drink in the joy of being there and fully give ourselves permission to rest. Having unpacked we linger over a cup of tea.

Then something weird happens. Boredom strikes and we become restless and vaguely guilty. We are not doing anything and that is wrong. The reasonable mind says, it’s okay to rest. Torn we fight against our better knowledge exhausting our body’s further. The enforced rest benefits us like a period of hospitalisation.

Slowly the benefit seeps into us and we regain the ability to make health promoting decisions. Our special place is a certain spot that speeds up this process creating the conscious shift that allows the body to recuperate. It speeds up the healing by making it easier for us to accept that it is okay to need a break.

For me the sea is my special place. Its infinite shades of blue and ongoing motion soothed the ragged aspects of me and restore my optimism, strength and faith. A short time by the sea clears my mind and boosts my creativity.

Make my blog an interactive space; please share your place of peace.

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