The Crone

When I hear the word crone, connotations of an wizened, wrinkly, old lady fill my imagination. Where did this perception come from? Surely a lifetime of conditioning has filtered through into my consciousness forming this idea leading me to pose the question; is it correct?

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A second book, one I feel internally driven to write, rattles around in my head. In its infancy the thinking component of the composition runs ahead of me like  wild Brumby. As the horse tires, some kind of clarity and reason takes over. Google my new friend and I get together for the day, searching for inspiration.

My friends inspire me, their lives, patience and off handed comments often give me just that elusive piece of the puzzle, I unwittingly sought. Somehow we discussed the female archetype defined below as, on Supporting Women’s Health and Fertility.

An Archetype is a model of behaviour or pattern of energy that is easily recognisable and resonant to human beings. We can identify with and relate to archetypes as they are primary characters or personalities of the human condition,

I remembered what I knew, the virgin, the mother and the crone. The explanation included the Enchantress, a phase I found I related to very strongly, a precursor to the crone. Then through Divine intervention, I met a lady, a writer who at 99 still gets about and still writes. She came to one of my regional Victorian book launches.

Our paths crossed thirty-four years ago when as a young woman I met her, the editor of a local newspaper. Young and full of vim, I failed to see her. Out of the blue she contacted me and offered to write an article for the local paper promoting my book. Her letter contained a published periodical of her early writings which have been published in the New idea, Woman’s Day and Woman’s World. No easy feat I have come to understand.

Counting my blessings I realise that I have been given a real gift, association with a wise old woman, a mentor and a friend who can read some of my writing, providing valuable critique. Most of all she touched my life, offering to help me as a new author establish my place as an author, purchasing Schicksal and I believe reading it too.

StOttilien looking at Jung describes the crone below:

The archetype of the Wise Women inhabits not ethereal regions where all appears as bright and luminous, the Wise Women inhabits like the magician the shadows. She is at home near the earth, even inside the earth, inside the dark, moist, primordial womb, the source of all fertility. The Wise One is no longer young. She started as precious child, but is mature now, rooted. She is likely to be old.

Now I see her and value the contribution of an old wise woman.

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