Lorna’s Wisdom, 1

Once upon a time in a blue stone house at the end of my street, lived an elderly, vibrant Soul. Largely she kept to herself.IMG_3127

She lived in a blue stone house overlooking the Southern Ocean. Fierce winds blew, rain lashed the windows but inside she stayed warm, creating. Small telltale signs enhanced the beauty of her garden, signposts for those who cared to see.


Close to the sea with its many changing moods, Lorna kept busy. Collecting rope, driftwood, grasses, and flax works of art were born and nurtured coming to fruition.

Native grasses malleable and fine became baskets, flax formed the thread strong and natural. Always striving, continually critiquing her efforts, she endeavored to improve.


We often met either in my garden or when out walking and over time a friendship formed. I learnt many things just by listening. Of course I thought of questions afterwards but found answers shared on the internet. Soon the hours passed as I followed my quest for knowledge. I smiled. This sort of research lifted my spirits and fed my soul. Happiness stirred within overshadowing me completely.

Did you know that the bright yellow flowers of Oxalis or Soursob as it is commonly known create a wonderful dye of the same shade as the blooms?


Two generous handfuls of of blooms heated gently will dye natural fibres without a mordant (fixative).Adding washing soda to the dye bath turns the dye a rustic shade of orange. Lorna continues to experiment with the flax and grasses to add the element of colour and texture to her work. Although she is in the sunset of her life, her interest in art keeps her physically and mentally active.


I think we need to find time to talk to members of the older generation.Wisdom passes through them from lives already lived, in times we have not had the chance to experience. Our ageing population often referred to as a burden in the press, should be valued. Given a chance they can open our minds. Lorna’s art verges on the abstract created from the castaways that come to shore when the seas are wild.

I feel blessed to have found a friend, a mentor and a source of inspiration. Writing too is just another creative pursuit. Happy writing all.

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