Undoubtedly the ruling by the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage has changed the world.

A wave of colour abounds. On Facebook supporters of marriage equality apply the rainbow filter to their profile pictures. Many people are participating. Normally I get up early with a coffee in one hand and phone in the other; I check my social media to see what is happening in the world.

A profile picture of a friend had a rainbow filter, which I liked, still blissfully unaware. Twitter informed me of the legalization of gay marriage in all US States. I reread it and the report seemed legitimate. Tuning into ABC News Radio, I heard President Obama speak. Yes, it was true.

gay flag

I admired him for his candor, openly admitting a change of direction from opposition in 2008 to support in 2015. Maybe I am naive, believing that rare politicians possess the seeds of statesmen that whilst polished, media savvy and smooth; they have reflect on issues supporting social change.

Where do you stand on the issue of gay marriage? Are you in favour, ambivalent, or opposed?

I listened to Inside Europe on News Radio, a report from Bonn where the journalist interviewed spoke of her difficulty finding people who would speak publicly against gay marriage equality. Of course they held an opinion but stopped short of sharing in the face of the wave of support.

Not everyone is in favour. I know personally when I oppose something I need to take a step back and look inside me. Why do I feel this way? If my opposition is staunch, maybe I have some internal work to do. May be I am deceiving myself. Was I seeing the person, the love or just part of the picture?

I accept gay marriage equality. In my working career, I shared the care of critically ill patients with gay nursing staff. Watching them wash position and care for their patients I felt the love they had for their vocation. Some of them amazed me with their wisdom and tolerance.

My meditation teacher once said, “Love is love. Love happens at a soul level.” The comment rang true, I felt the same way. I made me think of some mandatory Diversity Training I undertook whilst working in community health. We watched Ash Beckham talking about living in a closet.

His presentation is engaging, thought provoking and as relevant now as it was two years ago. The scars left from the division we create inside ourselves when we deny who we are siphon off our optimism, enthusiasm and subsequently our efficiency. In the words of the Dalai Lama,” As you breathe in cherish yourself, as you breathe out, cherish all beings.”

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